Thursday, December 23, 2010

Only a day before Christmas.

If you're looking for holiday gifts, just get in touch.
I met up with some delightful folks just the other night at Dunn's.
Great smoked meat, and a wonderful excuse to talk about pens.
And they made an EXCELLENT choice. Dark Zircote, on a rhodium plated rollerball:

The holiday "Buy 3, get 1" still in effect (with the same small print: the free one has to be the equal/lesser value)

Have a great Christmas

Friday, December 10, 2010

An update on availability

I've gotten a couple of questions on what's available,
based on the "buy 3 get one" post from earlier today:
(remember: the free pen will be equal or lesser value)

Here are some sample photos of the range of pens currently available:
(I have more pens made up than I have time to make photos of...)

These two Amboyna are expensive, but stunning: no matter how I take
the photo, they don't capture the exquisite details of these pens.
Currently made up as rollerballs: available in fountain.

I also have a variety of less expensive rollerball and fountain pens in a variety of mechanisms and metal platings. Contact me for details.

The Classic pens below represent a sample of some of what I have
available and made up: I just made a few up in Ottawa valley maple. Absolutely gorgeous, and at an attractive price point.

I also have many ink pens made up in both slender and larger sizes as seen below. Drop by Jim Durrell December 11th, or get in touch and I can come for a visit and demonstration.

Last craft sale this season, Saturday the 11th at Jim Durrell Centre just off Bank on Walkley.

Bring a print out of this post to the sale, and I'll give you a free pen (equal or lesser value) if you buy 3 or more.