Thursday, December 28, 2006

This pen is a rollerball made from cocobolo, I had some fun turning this one.
Couldn't resist adding some beads.
Cocobolo is a great wood for turning.

A pen made from Panga Panga. I got a -great- deal on some
blanks from this wood, and I had some fun.

Its a really beautiful wood
after being polished up.

More fun with bubinga.
Same type of wood, but look
at how different it is from
the bottom pen in this post!

For someone wanting some North American content, a fountain pen made from Maple Burl.
This pen's picture doesn't do it justice, its just gorgeous!

This is a bubinga fountain pen.
Bubinga comes from Africa and
is an amazing wood, sworls and whorls in the grain pattern.
Absolutely delightful

I have had a great holiday season, and hope folks like my pens.

I have pictures of about another 50 pens to go up, so
if there is something in particular you'd like to hear about
email me (check the links at the right) and I can
send you some sample pictures.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hi all.

Been a few months since the last update on pens. Attached are some shots of some really beautiful pens I've made up. They're available for sale by contacting me in the usual email way, also available soon on e-bay, and on my sales site which is under construction.

I'm also set up for branding of gift boxes and for sales of promotional gifts, if you're
interested in such a thing.

I've spent more time turning than I have doing websites, which is unfortunate, because
there are now a lot of pens to get published!

By the way:
From top to bottom
A Pau Rosa rollerball pen, followed by a Leopardwood rollerball. Both are really stunning woods that look and feel great in the hand.

The two gorgeous fountain pens are in curly maple and in bubinga, the wood grain and texture is just amazing. The Curly maple pen had some bark inclusions as it turned, so the pen actually has some texture to it which really brings home the natural features of the wood pen.

At the bottom is another leopardwood rollerball pen, this time in a glossy chrome style kit with black

All of them make stunning pens and wonderful gifts.