Sunday, June 06, 2010

A couple of folks asked about the table made from pink ivory.
I had my friend take a couple of pictures of it:
not the best composed picture in the universe
(I think the patio chair and the air conditioning plumbing really
adds a certain "something"...)

BUT... What a gorgeous table...
(ok ok, its not a pen: I helped make the table, I'm allowed to talk about how beautiful it is.
scroll down to resume looking at beautiful pens )

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oh Oh.... Two posts in one week...

I received a delightful email from someone looking for a graduation gift for her special someone, and this made me realize how much further behind on photos I really am.

So: more to come, but just as a thought...

I helped a friend make a hall table from a wood called pink ivory: its from Southern Africa, it is so hard that it was often used to make arrowheads. Its also utterly gorgeous.

I saved some of the leftover pieces of wood from making the table, and then my friend asked me to make a couple of pens out of the leftover pieces.

The following photos show just how utterly stunning the wood is: the texture, the colour.

The other interesting thing is that it gave me an excuse to try out a couple of new mechanisms: This mechanism has a simple crystal in the cap, as well as some pleasant filigree.

My friend's wife did not want something quite as ornate, but still wanted to show off her pink ivory. I tried another interesting mechanism: its essentially a simple twist pen, but the cap and clip really set it off. The interesting thing is that the pink ivory still looks even more impressive than my usual favourite: the maple burl.
My friends liked the two pink ivory pens so much that they bought the maple burl one for a gift for a business associate.