Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I'm working on a new website these days, but wanted to keep this one updated with some of my newest work and newest pictures. This is the latest "sales" language...

An assortment of custom pen designs.

All of the woods featured here are available in a variety of pen styles, ranging from simple ink pens, through to exquisitely detailed premium roller-ball and fountain pens.

All are hand-crafted here in Ottawa, each is unique and makes a distinctive gift for the perfect gift or client presentation item.
I maintain a small inventory of pens, but I also create to custom requests. Match the wood in a client’s new home, highlight their favourite color, remember their hobby.

In addition, I feature a series of presentation boxes that can be laser engraved for the final touch.

Contact me for orders.

An assortment of sizes and styles showing woods and platings.
An assortment of styles in acrylics for the colorful touch.

An assortment of rollerball and fountain pens.
Ottawa Valley curly maple, with a cocobolo inlay.
Curly maple from the Ottawa Valley, with a touch of color
An exquisite ebony pen for the music lover in your life
This “El Grande” type pen features leopardwood, large but lightweight.

Indeed, it is a jigsaw puzzle, on a pen.
A sample european type ink pen in ebony with a black titanium plating.
A pair of lightweight slim pens, available in ink or rollerball.

Some of my pen styles are better for featuring just the wood